Are you aware of all the fuss going around about these eternity rings or eternity bands and what are the used for? Then, you are not the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. Eternity rings are special presents that are supposed to be given at special events or to represent a symbol of love.

An eternity band or ring, is known to be a type of bracelet covered with different types of stones around it. When we talk about attaching these stones, it is not that hard to do it. Eternity rings do not require special type of technique to set, because they are very single to make. This means, you can customize your rings however you want, and still maintain its purpose.

Eternity rings are mostly used to symbolize a person’s promise to another person. All of the stones that are attached to these bands or rings do not have an end, because they are trying to represent eternity, which means the passage of time which will bond the two people together for a lifetime.

On the other hand, it is not mandatory for you to encircle your band with gemstones, you can do whatever you like. You can make the stones cover only the top portion of your ring. These are known to be half eternity rings. Half eternity rings are not expensive at all. But, full eternity rings cover the entire band with stones.

Following are some types of eternity band metals that might come in handy.

  1. Rose Gold Eternity Rings

Rose gold eternity rings are very much preferred among the ladies because they add a feminine touch. Also, rose gold is a gorgeous combination with diamond engagement rings Adelaide.

  1. White Gold Eternity Rings

If you wish to get the white hue of the platinum to make an impression of your stones, but you do not have the money for that, then going for white gold is a very good option. White gold doesn’t only look attractive, but it also sets a royal look. However, there are some drawbacks to white gold eternity rings. These type of rings require a lot of re-plating, which is not required in platinum rings. Despite all of that, white gold is a stunning alternative to platinum. If you have the budget to go for a platinum ring, then don’t waste any time and go for it.

  1. Platinum Eternity Rings

Platinum has a very natural white color, which looks absolutely mesmerizing. For a good metal, platinum eternity rings are considered to be the most attractive rings. Whenever a set of diamonds or painted gemstones are combined with it, it looks stunning. On the other hand, there are many different colors that will look good on platinum, such as Ruby or Sapphire. Both of these colors look soft and good. Some other colors like Blue Topaz and Peridot also look gorgeous on platinum rings. You can choose your type of ring according to your demands.